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SMTP Yahoo

Yahoo SMTP configuration

Alittle plus that you may not know is that you can use your Yahoo!Mail account also tosend emails from a mail client – like Mozilla Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook– employingYahoo’s own SMTP server andsetting it up in a few steps.

Providedthat you already have an email account on Yahoo, to configure Yahoo’s SMTP youjust need to open your mail client configuration window

smtp server settings configuration

andthe following specifics:

  • Yahoo! SMTP server address:
  • Yahoo! SMTP user name: your Yahoo! Mail account
  • Yahoo! SMTP password: your Yahoo! Mail password
  • Yahoo! SMTP port: 25 or 465

Thenyou can choose your security and authentication specifics: for furtherinformation please checkour article about SMTPconfiguration. (And of course you can use also Yahoo’s POPdetails to receive emails).

Anyway,like all major email providers, it must be pointed out that Yahoo’s SMTP comeswith a strict limit of 500outbound emails per day (andeach message can be sent to at most 100 recipients), in order to preventspammers from using its outgoing server to send unsolicited messages.

Generallyspeaking, free outgoing servers like GmailSMTP, AOL SMTP or Hotmail SMTP are not specifically designed for mass emailsending.

Soif you need to send a massemail to a large listof accounts – for instance if you’re putting up an email campaign – youshould definitely switch to a dedicatedoutgoing server like speedyrunSMTP.

Matterof fact, turboSMTP allows you to manage easily your mailouts and send unlimitedmessages: and above all, it guarantees a highest deliveryrate as it relies onlyon monitored IPs. Preventing your legitimate emails to be blocked by antispamfilters.