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Get the most out of your email marketing with Emailserving’s powerful features

Email Campaign Creation Step By Step

3 Easy Steps For Email Marketing

Email marketing has never been easier. With Emailserving’s system, you can launch your email campaign in minutes. We have provided a guide for you on email marketing from start to finish in 3 easy steps. Learn how to build/upload your email list, build an awesome email marketing campaign, report and track your results and follow up with your customers.


Building a List/Uploading a list Building an Email Campaign Tracking and Reporting

Step 1 – Building /Uploading Your Email List


  • Build your opt-in list with our free web form list builder
  • Or import your existing opt-in list through CSV, XML or add manually
  • Or customize your list with our email list management.

Step 2 – Building Email Marketing Campaign


  • Create a stylish HTML newsletter with our free templates, email campaign URL import or use plain text
  • Follow our email campaign creation wizard
  • Enter your subject and content in our template editor
  • Or import your subject and content through text or MS Word
  • Test your campaign and send

Step 3 – Tracking and Reporting


  • Our reports will automatically track all your links and see who has open, replied, clicked and even bounced
  • View detailed charts and graphs on your campaigns
  • Extract a list based on opened, replied, bounced and follow up to these prospects
  • Geo-targeting features allow you to segment your list by country